Our process

Methodology :

  • We first carry out an in-depth study of our client’s context: environment, issues, organization, culture, success factors.
  • We submit a detailed proposal outlining the strategy and research resources that will be implemented.
  • We carry out an initial identification work with our research managers, based on a target list validated with our client.
  • We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our client, notably in the form of weekly progress reports and very regular updates.
  • We evaluate candidates through in-depth individual interviews that we can supplement with personality tools and questionnaires.
  • The most relevant applications are the subject of a written and detailed report, presenting the characteristics of the candidates (assets but also points of progress) with regard to the requirements of the position to be filled.
  • We systematically take in-depth professional references on finalist candidates.
  • We provide assistance up to the integration of the successful candidate and play an advisory role during the final negotiations.
  • We make regular check-ups with the candidates during the period of taking up the position.

Ethics :

We pledge our reputation on the respect of our ethical values: confidentiality, transparency, fairness and non-discrimination.

  • Total confidentiality towards our clients and candidates.
  • No similar and simultaneous searches for clients who are in direct competition with each other
  • Non-employment clause with our customers
  • Non-discrimination (we guarantee the diversity of origins and backgrounds)
  • Systematic return to the candidates solicited